Dr. Ilan Hirsh- Specialist in Periodontology: Gum surgeries and dental implants installation.

Dr. Hirsh graduated cum laude from the School of Dental Medicine at The Hebrew University and “Hadassah”, Jerusalem, and he is a graduate of the Internship Program at the Department of Periodontology, Rambam Health Care Center, Haifa.

Dr. Hirsh lectures extensively in Israel and worldwide and serves as a Chief Physician at the Department of Periodontology, School of Dentistry at The Rambam Health Care Center. As well, he is engaged in clinical work, in teaching interns and in research.

Our clinic specializes in the diagnosis ,treatment  and prevention of gum diseases, and in dental implant installation.

The clinic treats adult patients, as well as children and adolescents who suffer from gum diseases while placing a special emphasis on reducing patient’s anxiety.

In patients suffering from anxiety, there is a possibility of treatment under sedation performed under the supervision of top brass anesthesiologists employed by nearby hospitals.

The clinic maintains close contact with the referring dentist and notifies him/her about the various treatment stages.
All treatments are done in full cooperation with the referring dentist and in accordance with the patient’s needs.

Our clinic focuses on disease prevention using follow-up along with regular maintenance and oral hygiene, as well as on preservation of existing teeth in the mouth provided this does not cause damage to the jaw bone or the adjacent teeth.

The combination of strict hygiene and cleanliness in the clinic, the use of modern equipment and high-quality materials and implants made by leading companies, innovative periodontal surgical techniques according to research published in the scientific literature worldwide, allows us to maintain high standards of treatment and provide our patients with excellent and innovative care.

The clinic’s staff is highly qualified, professional and experienced. Our employees continuously attend professional training and keep up-to-date with the latest innovations in the field of Periodontology.

We believe in providing our patients with top-quality, warm and human care while maintaining direct contact with them throughout the treatment. We are determined to help and facilitate at any given moment, and this determination is part and parcel of our daily work.

Our staff members are proficient in several languages ​​(Hebrew, Russian, English, French), which allows for easy and pleasant communication with patients who do not speak Hebrew.


Our treatments include:

• Scaling and root planning
• Surgical extractions
• Biopsies
• Periodontal surgeries
• Regenerative procedures for construction and reconstruction of the jaw bone
• Sinus floor elevation
• Gum transplantation surgeries
• Exposing impacted teeth and tooth extractions in preparation for orthodontic treatment
• Installation of Dental implants



The clinic is located at 21 Moriya Av., Haifa

Tel:  04-8253895

Fax: 04-8253897


E-mail: drhirsh.perio@gmail.com

The following busses stop at the clinic:
33, 33A, 37, 37A, 23, 23A, 21, 28, 200, 131, 193, 30, 31,
133, 132.